Angels' Guardians

In order to fulfill its goals and missions, the M.A.I. Foundation depends upon financial support from various agencies, corporations, and individuals. As the music angels deliver the gift of care, compassion and charity with their music, they in turn also look to their guardian angels (or more appropriately, "angels' guardians") for support.

We at the M.A.I. Foundation wish to dream big dreams and aspirations, precisely because so much of our population and regions around the world are in such desperate need of caring outreach. In doing good works, there is never enough. On the contrary, there is always a shortage.

Music is that special wonder which speaks to the heart in such profound ways—transcending boundaries of culture, time and language. Indeed, music is imbued with that special power to heal, uplift, and inspire.

The music angels are the grateful beneficiaries of the special gift of musical talent. As we have received such precious gifts ourselves, we feel it our highest calling to use it, not for our own glory and honor, but rather, to come to the aid of our fellow brothers and sisters in the worldwide family of humanity.

Whether it is through your prayers and encouragement, active participation, and/or monetary donations, we hope that you will join the Music Angels International Foundation in this quest towards a noble cause. If your heart is moved to act with your support, we would appreciate and welcome your gift of generosity.

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