Mission Statement

Music Angels International Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization serving the public with a variety of music programs founded on a dual purpose:

1. To support the education and development of young performing artists in their public service of music outreach. The M.A.I. Foundation holds to the belief that the talents of these gifted musicians can be the sources of powerful humanitarian support and are valuable contributions towards a positive direction within our global and diverse societies.

2. To organize music performances intended to reach broader audiences: especially the children, the elderly, the infirmed, or those who are physically limited in their access to experiencing live concert music. The venues for the music performances include schools, educational and cultural centers, nursing homes/senior residences, hospitals, churches, and other public institutions.

The aim of the Music Angels International Foundation is to create, develop, and expand the music performance programs in order to serve and to engage the public through the interactive dialog of musical exchange between the musicians and the audience. In addition to its domestic goals, the international outreach of the M.A.I. Foundation is in providing aid to the troubled regions of the world through fundraising charity concerts as well as through other forms of public and private support and contributions.

The overarching mission of the Foundation is founded on the principle of enriching our society, both domestic and worldwide, with the gift of music as not simply entertainment, but even more importantly, as a powerful source of inspiration, education, personal growth, healing and strength.

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